Israel holds his Libertad

Ruben Israel lleva a su libertad de la manoA report from Ovación of Ruben Israel´s performance as the coach of Libertad of Paraguay. At Paraguay everyone praises Libertad's campaign lead by the Uruguayan coach Ruben Israel. And that's not wonder since he's the last champion at the local tournament, and the only leader at his group at the Libertadores cup. He just came from a tie match at Perú, against Sporting Cristal. "The point we won here is important, it keeps us on the top of the group and marks a distance between us and Sporting Cristal, one of the candidates of the group. I think achieving a point there is going to be well appreciated" said the Uruguayan coach. Meanwhile the media dreams with a Guaraní team at the final phase of the Libertadores. ¿Will they get it?